Zoo Boise

Zoo Boise is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and is dedicated to providing great experiences for guests, excellent care for animals, and conservation of animal wildlife worldwide. Zoo Boise is located in Julia Davis Park in Downtown Boise, Idaho. A great post to read.

Remember that animals sleep a lot on hot summer days and are nocturnal in nature. Plan your visit for the mornings or evenings to see more activity.

World Class Animals

Zoo Boise is home to a variety of world-class animals. From the giraffes to the sloth bears, this zoo will give you a glimpse into the wonders of nature.

It’s important to remember that most animals are nocturnal in nature, so visiting the zoo at high noon is probably not the best time for you to see them. You should visit during the cooler mornings or evenings.

Besides the regular attractions, this zoo also offers unique experiences that are designed to educate and inspire. Some of these include private animal encounters, watching a training session, and other activities. You can even get up close and personal with a crocodile! These special encounters will have you pay an additional fee, which can vary based on the activity.

Exciting Events

The zoo has a variety of special events that take place throughout the year. These include the Giraffe Encounter, Zoo Farm, Sloth Bear Encounter, Butterflies in Bloom, Conservation Cruise, and Animal Presentations. Some of these are adults only and others are for the whole family.

These activities and programs are aimed at increasing public awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of zoo animals, wild wildlife, animal habitats, species conservation, and the environment. Look for the Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) logo to confirm that you are supporting a zoo that is committed to these efforts.

Other fun things to do in Boise Idaho include visiting the Old Penitentiary and trying out a new activity at the Basque Museum and Cultural Center. The city is also home to the beautiful Boise River where people can swim and enjoy water activities in the summer. Visit another area in town here.

After Hours Events

As the sun goes down at Zoo Boise, there is a noticeable change in the animals. They become more active and their behavior changes as they get ready for dinner.

Whether you’re an adult looking to have a wild night out or a kid that wants to meet the Easter Bunny, Zoo Boise has the perfect event for everyone. Candy stations, costume contests, vendors, and special treats for the zoo animals are just some of the things you can expect.

Join us for a night of extraordinary cuisine and drinks, live music, a live auction, a raffle, and one-of-a-kind zoo experiences. This is a 21+ event and a photo ID is required to enter. All proceeds go towards zoo animal conservation. Your donations may be tax deductible.

Education Programs

Zoo Boise offers a variety of unique nature-inspired experiences for students. The zoo continues to develop tools to assist educators in engaging their students with wildlife and habitats.

Guided field trip programs require a reservation. Please fill out the form and a Zoo Boise employee will contact you to confirm your guided program reservation.

Experience a campout unlike any other, sleep under the stars, and be surrounded by exotic animals right in the middle of the city! Enjoy wildlife-focused programs led by zoo staff (including a zoo tour in the dark), interact with some animals, explore the zoo on your own, games, and more. Activities and program schedules can be tailored to meet specific needs with ample notice to the zoo instructor.

Join the ZooTeen program and inspire Idaho teens to increase their knowledge of animals and conservation. You’ll focus on educating Zoo Boise guests and gain experience with leadership and public speaking as you raise awareness for the conservation of wildlife worldwide.

Volunteer Opportunities

Become a part of the family as you gain customer service, teaching, and public speaking experience through Zoo Ambassadors. Whether you greet guests at the front entrance or present education discovery stations, you will learn about animals while helping raise awareness and funds for wildlife conservation projects through the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund.

Get up close and personal with Zoo Boise’s resident mammals. Enjoy a private encounter that includes feeding a snow leopard lettuce leaves or sharing mealworms with an expert ant and termite eater Sloth Bear.

All proceeds from Zoo Boise Encounters benefit the Zoo’s animal care and habitat work. Learn more about Zoo Boise’s mission to connect people with animals to inspire and involve Idahoans in worldwide wildlife conservation by visiting their website. Up next is Idaho Botanical Garden.


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