Let Our Specialists Replace the Broken Auto Glass of Your Car with a New One

Our company carries ample experience and specialization in the proper replacement of auto glasses for all makes and models of cars, SUVs, trucks and minivans in Boise, Idaho.

Auto Glass Replacement

Whether minor or major, you should treat all kinds of auto glass damages with a great deal of seriousness. Even a minor chip or crack on an auto glass can impede your visibility on the road, leading to potential accident risks. Since the main role of a front or rear automotive glass is to enhance your safety on the road, you should always keep these components in tip-top condition.

Does the auto glass of your vehicle have a crack? If you spot any kind of ding, blemish or crack on the windshield, you should immediately seek the help of trained technicians from a reliable auto glass company and get it fixed. Any delay in this regard can lead to grave consequences. SIR Glass is one of the most trusted auto glass repair and replacement companies you can get in touch with. The company offers high quality windshield fix and change in Boise, Idaho. Remember, the sooner you get your front or rear glass problem fixed, the better it is. It is crucial to remain the structural integrity of your car, SUV or truck intact at all times.

Most small chips, dings and cracks are repairable. Auto glass replacement is performed only when a repair will not restore the strength of the vehicular frame. A close inspection by one of our highly proficient technicians will determine the most ideal solution to the problem in your vehicle’s window glass.

Driving with a Broken Auto Glass is Extremely Hazardous

It is never wise to drive while the auto glass of your car is broken. When you are on the road, you need to follow all the safety precautions in a strict manner including the structural strength of the automotive glass. A crack-free and properly auto glass is essential for safe driving.

As a wise car owner, you should never take an auto glass chip or crack lightly. A broken glass does not just obstruct the driver’s vision, but it takes away the original structural strength of the car frame. As a result of this, fatal accidents can happen while putting the life of occupants in jeopardy. If the windshield is structurally weak, the roof of the car might cave in during a collision or rollover, leading to serious injuries and even death. Plus, a broken and loose automotive glass will also take a toll on the proper deployment of the airbags. Such a failure during a road accident will also put the life of the driver and other passengers in grave danger.

Do not let your damaged auto glass compromise your safety on the road. Give it quick attention that such a task truly deserves and get the problem fixed before it leads to something bad or unfortunate.

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Know the Risk of Incorrectly Installed Auto Glass

If you live and drive in Idaho, you should remain compliant with all the laws and rules concerning road safety. Along with other road rules, you also need to keep the auto glasses in good condition.

Not following auto glass laws will put you in trouble. You should understand that these laws have been framed for your own safety. If a driver is caught driving with a cracked or broken auto glass, he or she will face citations and pay fines. So, whether you are in Boise or any other city of Idaho, you should remain aware of all auto glass laws so that you can follow them properly.

Auto Glass Requirements

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The windshield of your vehicle should have fully functional wipers, so that rain and snow can be cleaned without any difficulty at all. You should always take good care of this device to ensure clear visibility.

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The windshield you install in your car or SUV should be made of top quality glass meant for vehicles exclusively. This means that front auto glass should be made of laminated glass, which is shatter-proof.



You should not place any kind of nontransparent material on the automotive glass that obstructs clear vision. More importantly, you should not use any other material as a replacement for auto glass.

Auto Glass Cracks and Chips Repair Boise ID

Cracks and Chips

When it comes to cracks, the state of Idaho has some tough laws for drivers. As per the ruling of the Idaho Court of Appeals, any crack in the auto glass makes it unsafe to drive. Therefore, it is illegal for car owners to drive anywhere in the state with a broken or cracked automotive glass.

There are federal regulations in regard to chips. You should remain aware of these regulations and follow them as well.

Though first-time violations of auto glass laws will not lead to hefty fines, repeating such violations will lead to citations and points against your license. Add to this the court costs you will need to bear, if you decide to contend the issued citations. Rather than dealing with all this pain, it is much easier to head over to an auto glass shop and get your auto glass repaired or replaced. If you don’t have enough time, you should avail yourself of mobile auto glass repair and mobile car windshield replacement, provided by SIR Glass at no additional cost.

How Our Technicians Replace Your Broken Auto Glass

Our technicians complete every auto glass repair and replacement task with the highest level of accuracy and dedication. If the crack on the glass is too large for a repair, a new installation will be required. A replacement is ideal where a repair will fail to restore the structural strength of the car glass.

Prep Work:

This involves removal of the rearview mirror, wipers and other components of the car or SUV.

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Cutting the Adhesive Seal:

Before the old glass can be removed, the technician needs to cut the adhesive seal. Unless the seal is removed in a proper manner, it will be hard to take off the broken windshield.

Removal of Broken Glass:

Now, the technician will remove the damaged auto glass. It is done with the help of some specific tools. Safety guidelines should be followed in order to avoid any kind of hazard.

Pinchweld Cleanup:

Pinchweld is the part of the car where the auto glass is bonded. Before a new windshield is placed, the bonding area needs to be properly cleaned for a successful installation.

Application of Urethane:

The technician applies urethane in the pinchweld. Application of adhesive for glass bonding requires expert skills. Our professionals are well-versed with how exactly urethane works as well as understand the entire chain and importance of the bonding methods.

New Glass Installation:

Finally, the new auto glass is placed in the window frame. Here, the technician needs to do pushing and adjusting so that the new glass is set in a correct manner. The car window glass needs to be handled in a way that no scratch marks are created on it.

Wipe Off Excess Urethane:

After the new windshield has been placed with precision, the technician will remove the additional urethane and then reinstall the components that were detached during prep work. The urethane needs some time to cure so that the adhesive becomes hard.

Feel confident that our technicians will perform the entire procedure both smoothly and quickly. After an hour or two of the windshield change, you will be ready to start driving again without compromising your safety. Our professionals will also answer any kind of questions you may have in mind for your satisfaction that the installation procedure was carried out in an accurate manner.

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Schedule Your Auto Glass Inspection

Get in touch with a professional at SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho. After a close examination, our technician will tell you exactly what needs to be done. If the damage is severe, the broken auto glass will need to be replaced with a brand new glass. Rest assured our highly skilled and well-trained technicians will perform the replacement in a proper and accurate manner. Our specializations include car auto glass repair, car window glass replacement, truck chip repair, truck windshield replacement, SUV crack fix, SUV auto glass change, minivan glass installation etc.

For all automotive glass replacements, we use OEM quality glass and premium quality materials. Since all new installations come along with a lifetime warranty, you will have complete peace of mind.

Avail yourself of our mobile auto glass repair and car window glass replace services at no extra cost and save yourself both money and time. Give us a phone call for your free consultation with one of our experts.