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Auto Glass and Windshield Repair and Replacement with Free Mobile Services in Idaho

Our Auto Glass and Windshield Services:

With almost 10 years of experience, Sir Auto Glass is expanding its services in Idaho. We provide repair and replacement for auto glass and windshields, which come with free mobile services. We have built strong trust among our clients in the past decade, providing top-notch services.
When it comes to windshield/auto glass repair and replacement, choosing a trusted company is of great importance. We assure your car’s safety and integrity after fixing it. There are lots of auto glass companies out there that do hack jobs on your car, so you should be careful at choosing the right company. At Sir Auto Glass, your safety is our priority.

This is the highest demanding service in our business since it will save your time and money. Not all damaged windshields need replacement. Our technicians will monitor the chips and cracks in the windshield and decide if your windshield needs repair or replacement.

When the damage to your windshield is too much and can’t get repaired, that’s when windshield replacement is necessary. If the cracks and chips are large and block your view, it is highly recommended that you get a windshield replacement.

Apart from the windshield, auto glass plays an important role in cars too. Front, rear, and back window glasses might get damaged too. Depending on the size, location, and depth of the damage, our technicians will decide whether a repair is enough or not.

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Why You Should Choose Sir Auto Glass?

Free Mobile Services:

Sometimes, you are stuck in an accident or can’t move your vehicle to a repair shop. Wherever you are located in Boise, our technicians will come to you shortly, assess your windshield or auto glass damage, and replace or repair it.

Lifetime Guarantee:

We use premium materials for auto glass and windshields. We assure high quality; therefore, we will give you a lifetime guarantee.

Experienced Staff:

At Sir Auto Glass, we only hire experienced technicians. With almost a decade of experience, we have built a name for ourselves and trust in our clients.

Various Branches:

Not only do we provide windshield and auto glass repair/replacement services under the Sir Auto Glass brand in Idaho and Portland, but also, specialize in the installation, repair, and replacement of residential and commercial glasses.

Insurance Deductible:

Most insurance companies will refrain from issuing deductibles for auto glass services. We will take care of your insurance deductible.

Precise Monitoring:

Our staff will examine the windshield damage and come up with a fair price. We only suggest the best solution for you which will ensure the performance and safety of your vehicle.

When Should You Consider an Auto Glass or Windshield Inspection?

Several factors can damage your vehicle’s auto glass and windshield. It might be caused by changes in temperature, incorrect installation, flying objects, car accidents, etc. As soon as you witness a crack or chip in your car window or windshield, you should get it inspected by a technician. Based on the damage intensity, the technician will decide to repair or replace the auto glass or windshield.
It is of great importance to get your car checked as soon as possible when it’s damaged since it is related to your safety. Besides vision impairment, cracks and chips might cause the complete collapse of the auto glass or windshield. At Sir Auto Glass, we make sure to reach you as fast as we can, inspect the damage, and recommend the safest method for fixing your auto glass/windshield.


Our Service Areas in Idaho

We currently offer mobile services in different locations in Idaho:

– Boise
– Meridian
– Caldwell
– Eagle
– Nampa
– Kuna
– Star
– Emmett
– Middleton
– Marsing


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If you witness a chip or crack in your windshield or auto glass or your window is completely broken, call Sir Auto Glass and we will come to you to fix it as soon as possible. Our technicians will inspect your car, SUV, truck, or van and will estimate the damage.
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