Can’t Take Your Car to an Auto Glass Shop Due to Lack of Time? Let Our Technicians Come to You!


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Free Mobile Auto Glass Services

It is not always possible for vehicle owners to drive their car, SUV or van to an auto glass shop for the repair of a broken windshield or new installation. This may be due to a number of reasons including being pressed for time or stuck in one place because the vehicle is in a bad condition.

Whatever the reason may be, you do not need to worry about whether or not you can drive up to an auto glass repair shop. At SIR Glass, we provide a free of cost mobile auto glass repair and change in Boise, Idaho. All you need to do is call our phone number and our technicians will travel to exactly where you are and fix the problem in your windshield or rear window glass.

Our mobile car glass repair and car window replacement services are known for highest professional quality and standards.

We Come to Your Location and Fix the Windshield of Your Car Right There

Often, windshields and other automotive glasses of a vehicle sustain a crack or chip when you least expect it. If you are on the road, a broken auto glass may require you to pull over and stop the car. In this case, you will need urgent help from professionals to fix the chip or crack in the glass. This is exactly where the need for our highly trained mobile auto glass technicians come in.

No matter where you are stuck, our technicians will reach your location to repair the broken car glass there and then.

Apart from the fact that our mobile auto glass services are available at no extra cost, our technicians also strictly abide by all the Covid-19 safety precautions so that neither the technicians or you face a health risk.

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Why You Should Hire Our On-Site Glass Services

Pay No Extra Money

Pay No Extra Money

Just because our technicians have to come to your home, office or any other convenient location does not mean we will charge you extra money. In fact, the purpose of our mobile Windshield Repair and Replacement services is to offer you convenience when you need it most – without charging extra money.

No Need To Wait In Long Queues

No Need to Wait in Long Queues

Usually, getting a cracked windshield repaired or a new windshield installed means a long wait. Most auto glass shops remain busy servicing one car window glass after another. Even if you manage to drive your car, SUV, truck or van to a nearby shop in Boise, Idaho, you will need to wait in extra-long queues. Our mobile auto glass repair and replacement eliminates the trouble.

As soon as our technicians reach your location, they will start the repair or replacement procedure and solve the problem in a few minutes. You will soon be ready to get back on the road and go about your routine.

Stay Safe During Covid-19

Stay Safe During Covid-19

The risks of getting Covid-19 infection have not gone away completely. It is always advisable for the public to follow all health and safety protocols in order to reduce the spread of the pandemic. If you live in a city or area where the rate of infection is high and you are confined to your place, you do not need to worry as to how your broken auto glass will be fixed. Our technicians will reach your home or office and complete the repair or new installation while keeping safe distance, so that you can avoid any kind of possible exposure to crowded areas.

The entire windshield repair task or the installation of a brand new windshield will be carried out while following social distancing and other Covid-19 safety norms by our auto glass technicians in Boise, Idaho.

Ideal For Busy People

Ideal for Busy People

When you have a broken windshield, the problem needs immediate attention. Many times, the auto glass fix gets delayed simply because the car owner happens to a busy person. But that is exactly why you have mobile glass repair services. Just give us a phone call and schedule the repair, and the task will receive a quality and professional fix or windshield change while you continue with your work commitments. By the time you are done with your day’s work schedule, the problem in your glass will be gone and you will be ready to hit the road again.

Mobile Services: Should You Go for a Repair and Windshield Change?

When you have cracked auto glass, the main question that comes to the mind is if the problem can be fixed with a repair. Getting a new windshield installed is more expensive than getting a repair. Well, this is for the windshield glass technician to find out whether a repair or a replacement will be ideal.

At SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho, we offer a free inspection to car owners in order to decide what exactly needs to be done. Since there are various shapes, sizes and depths of chips and cracks, it is not possible to repair all of them. If the damage is small, our glass technicians will repair it within 30-40 minutes. A new installation will be required only when a repair is impossible. Plus, our auto glass services are based on a “repair-first” policy. This means we will go for a mobile windshield replacement only if the auto glass damage is large, deep and severe.

A car window glass replacement will need the technician an hour or so to complete. But whether it is a repair or windshield change, we will perform the task in a swift manner with the highest level of precision. All our technicians are well-trained in the use of the latest methods, technology and tools.

Why You Should Trust Only the Experts

A windshield repair or a new windshield installation is a job that requires proper training, skills and expertise. You should not rely on just any person who says he can fix the chip or crack in your automotive glass. Neither should you fall for a service that you find the cheapest of all. You should always get a repair done or a new glass installed by a highly experienced auto glass technician. Beware of a “hack job”, which means paying little or no attention to the quality of repair. The details and the quality of a repair or a new glass installation are extremely crucial.

A low quality repair or an incorrect installation is a safety hazard, which can jeopardize the life of the driver and other occupants of the vehicle. If you plan to be safe while on the road, you should hire certified and trained technicians such as those from SIR Glass in and near Boise, Idaho.

At SIR Glass, we strictly follow every step of the repair or replacement procedure. If it is a repair, our experts perform a cleanup, apply the resin, let the resin dry and then remove the extra resin. Then, the technician will polish the repaired glass area so as to give it a beautiful shine. During a replacement, the expert will do the prep work and remove the broken windshield first. Next, he will remove the old adhesive and clean the pinch weld properly. The technician will then install the new automotive glass and will do some pushing and adjusting to make sure the glass fits in the frame in a correct manner. Finally, high quality urethane will be applied and give adequate time for the adhesive to cure and become hard.

After the problem has been fixed, you can feel confident that the structural strength of your car, SUV or van will be restored. High quality repair or accurate auto glass change will keep you safe on the road.

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Schedule a Mobile Repair of Your Broken Automotive Glass

If the windshield or rear window glass of your car or SUV has a chip or crack on it, you should not waste a minute. Instead, you should let experts fix the problem as fast as possible so that you can hit the road again. If you are in Boise, Idaho, technicians from SIR Glass are a phone call away. Call our phone number and schedule the repair of your cracked glass now. You can also use the enquiry form on our website to get in touch with us. After an inspection of the damage, we will send you a free quote and explain what exactly needs to be done.

Our technicians will arrive at your home, office or a convenient location exactly as per the scheduled mobile repair appointment. Repairs will take around 30 minutes whereas replacements will take around an hour. As soon as the problem has been fixed, you will be ready to drive safely again.