How Do You Know If Your Broken Windshield Needs Replacement? Find Out What Expert Technicians Say!

When your windshield needs replacement, it should be done as fast as possible in order to stay safe on the road. Hire our highly skilled auto glass technicians to replace your broken windshield in Boise, Idaho.

The function of a windshield is to not just provide an unobstructed view of the road to the driver, but protect the driver and the other occupants of the car or SUV while on the road. In fact, the design of the windshield is created particularly to keep passengers of the vehicle safe in the event of a crash, collision or rollover as well as protect them against various types of external elements. This is exactly why you should never ignore cracks or damages on your windshield and get it replaced by an experienced technician to ensure high-quality installation.

As a wise car owner, you should always give your windshield proper care and attention on a regular basis. If your windshield is in top-notch condition, you will be much safer on the road while driving.

Professional Windshield Repairing

Though it appears as if a windshield is just a piece of glass, it is actually designed to perform a number of crucial functions. When you are on the road, you never know when stones and pebbles can come flying and hit your windshield. During rains or heavy winds, the branch of a tree can fall all of a sudden and hit the front of your car. In all such situations, the windshield functions as a strong line of defense and keeps you safe from serious injuries.

But that is not all that the windshield does. It does a lot more than you can imagine. The unique design of the car windshield glass protects you when you happen to be involved in a road accident. It supports the deployment of the air bags inside the car so that the occupants do not sustain grave injuries or face the risk of death. A correctly installed windshield lends strength to the vehicular frame so that it does not collapse due to the heavy impact of a crash or rollover. If the windshield is poorly or incorrectly installed, it can put your life at great risk during an accident. So, you should always seek the help of experts for a windshield replacement job.

If you are located in Boise, Idaho, you should reach out to SIR Glass to hire some of the most skilled technicians to replace your unrepairable windshield with a new high quality auto glass from a trusted brand.

SIR Glass is a highly trusted auto glass company that serves a wide range of clients by offering high quality auto glass windshield replacement for all makes and models of cars, SUVs and trucks. Our technicians are highly proficient and trained in the proper use of the latest technology, equipment and tools. We always use premium quality materials to perform windshield glass replacement. We treat each client with a high degree of respect and professionalism.

What Type of Windshield Damage Can’t Be Repaired?

A broken or cracked windshield requires immediate attention. As soon you spot any kind of damage on the windscreen of your vehicle, you should talk to an auto glass technician and schedule its repair or replacement. But the big question is when exactly a broken windshield needs replacement.

Whether your cracked windshield can be or cannot be repaired will be determined after a thorough examination by the technician.

So, the first thing you should do is get in touch with our glass company and schedule an inspection by one of our highly proficient auto glass technicians. The technician will first examine the size of the crack. If it is a small chip or a small crack, it can likely be fixed with a repair. But if the crack is more than 2 inches, it will need to be replaced. The depth of the crack is also an important factor in deciding if the glass can be repaired. If the damage is so deep that it has penetrated through the PVB (that holds the two glass layers together), then the windshield will require complete removal and a new one will be installed in its place.

Likewise, the technician will also consider the location of the damage in order to determine whether auto glass can be repaired or not. At SIR Glass, we first attempt to repair the damage. If the crack is large and unrepairable, our technicians will perform a complete windshield replacement.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Windshield?

The cost of replacing a windshield varies depending on the type of auto glass you want to install, the model of your car and also the auto glass company you choose to complete the job. Going to a dealership will increase the overall cost of your windshield replacement. So, you should get the installation done by a local auto glass shop in or near your location.

The cost of a new windshield for a luxury car and an economy vehicle is not the same. Also there are different types of automotive glass available out there at different rates as per their quality. When it comes to car window glass replacement, you should always select a high quality product. Just because it saves you some money, you should never get a low quality glass installed in your vehicle, as doing so will only compromise your safety on the road. At our company, we only use dealer auto glass or OEM quality auto glass for all new windshield installations. Feel free to ask us for a free quote for your broken windshield replacement.

SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho, is a highly trusted local company that specializes in all kinds of car windshield replacements. Our mobile auto glass repair and car window replacement services are available to all clients at no additional cost. All you need to do is simply dial our number or send us an email and schedule an appointment in advance to get the job done.

Windshield Glass Installation

How We Perform a Windshield Replacement

It is useful for car owners to have some knowledge about how the installation of a new windshield is conducted. Unlike repair, auto glass replacement is an elaborate process that consists of multiple steps. Our technicians focus on every step of the process in a proper manner for top quality installation.

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If you have a broken or cracked windshield, reach out to SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho to schedule an inspection by experts. If the damage is severe and beyond repair, the technician will replace the damaged windshield with a new OEM quality automotive glass while following all the safety measures. Our auto glass technicians are highly proficient in the installation of windshields for all makes and models of cars, SUVs, mini vans and trucks. If you have insurance, our professionals will also assist you in filing a glass claim without any delay. You can avail yourself of our mobile car window glass replacement service at no extra cost.

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