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While you are on the road, things can go wrong and accidents can happen any moment. If you plan to enhance your road safety, you should maintain all the systems of your car or SUV in a proper manner and follow all the traffic laws. When it comes to your road safety, one of the most crucial systems you should care about is the ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

If you are in search of reliable ADAS camera calibrations, you should head over to SIR Glass in and near Boise, Idaho.


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What is an ADAS Camera?

An ADAS camera is installed in a car or SUV to gather data in order for the driver to avoid road mishaps and accidents. The camera sensor is a very crucial component of a vehicle’s safety system.

ADAS cameras are available in multiple forms. Based on the make and model of your car or SUV, you may have these cameras installed near the front windshield, back windshield or to the side of the vehicle. However, the most common among all forms of ADAS cameras is the forward-facing one. You will find this camera sensor installed on the inside of the front windshield, close to the rearview mirror. If you plan for a safer driving experience and avoid collisions on the road, you should keep the ADAS cameras well-calibrated at all times.

Most cars and SUVs come with just one forward-facing ADAS camera. In many other vehicles, you will find another camera sensor close to the rear car window glass. The function of the front ADAS cameras is to communicate data to the ADAS system such as road markings, lane markings, forward path, road edge markings, road obstructions, distance from the next vehicle etc.

Though you will come across many different types of ADAS cameras, the basics of each of these is the same. The sensors help the driver remain aware of the surrounding environment and then process and convey the information in a manner so that the right decision can be taken.

For more information on different types of ADAS cameras, you should reach out to one of the expert technicians at SIR Glass.

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Why You Need to Get Your ADAS Cameras Calibrated

For enhanced road safety, the ADAS cameras should be able to deliver high-precision performance. Calibration is carried out to adjust and properly align the camera sensors. The accuracy of the collected data depends on whether the camera sensors are mounted in the right position and angle.

Improper calibration of the ADAS cameras may result in erroneous detection and tracking of the surrounding objects. Inaccurate data can compromise your safety on the road and endanger your life as well.

The ADAS cameras installed in your car, SUV, RV or truck will need to be calibrated every time their alignment is disturbed. If you replace your previous cameras with new ones, calibration will be required. After every windshield repair or replacement, you will need to get the cameras calibrated. If you have a replacement change in tires, you will need ADAS calibration after wheel alignment. There are many other reasons that will arise the need for camera calibration.

As a wise car owner, you should keep a close watch on the positioning and angle of your ADAS cameras. Anytime you think that their performance is not up to the mark, you should get the cameras checked.

How Our Experts Calibrate Your ADA Sensors

Not just anyone can calibrate the ADAS cameras mounted on your front or rear window glass. Since this is a highly technical process, you will need to rely only on professionals with ample experience and specialization.

At SIR Glass, we have a highly experienced team of technicians who specialize both in windshield replacement and ADAS camera calibrations. Each of our professionals is properly trained in the use of the entire set of equipment, used to perform accurate recalibration of ADAS cameras. Whether it is the use of the equipment or the methods, you will always find technicians up to your expectations. It is important to understand that not all auto glass shops will be able to carry out ADAS camera calibrations due to the highly technical nature of the task.

But as long as you are with SIR Glass, you don’t need to go to a standalone calibration center. You can get your ADAS sensors recalibrated while getting a windshield repair or windscreen replacement done at our shop. If it is hard for you to find time to visit our shop, you can also avail yourself of our ADAS calibration mobile services at no extra cost along with your auto glass repair.

Based on the specific ADAS calibration requirements, our technicians will follow either a static or dynamic calibration process to properly position and align the ADAS camera sensors in your car, SUV or minivan. In a dynamic calibration, the technician will take the vehicle out for a drive whereas a static calibration will be done while the vehicle is stationary. Since we remain well-equipped with the latest technology, tools and proper training to do the job, you can feel confident that our professionals will complete the calibration process in a correct and satisfying manner, so that your sensors function quickly and reliably for your road safety.

After the calibration has been successfully completed, we also provide the customer with an ADAS calibration certification. Our leading ADAS calibration technology is well known throughout the Greater Treasure Valley Area in Idaho. Feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists to schedule the Windshield Repair and windscreen replacement as well as ADAS calibration.

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Talk to an ADAS Calibration Specialist

If your car, SUV or truck requires ADAS calibration, you should head straight to SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho. Key scenarios when a calibration will be mandatory include a windshield replacement, collision, tire replacement, ride height change, flashing ADAS lights etc. Our auto glass company is well-known for high quality automotive glass repair and replacement as well as ADAS calibrations. If the camera sensors in your vehicle are having trouble detecting objects, our highly trained technicians will recalibrate them to maximize function and performance.

For your free consultation, you should give us a phone call or write us an email using the contact form on our website. Our ADAS calibration mobile services are available to all customers at no extra cost.