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Tempered Auto Glass

Automotive glasses are different from normal glasses you use in everyday life. Whether it is the windshield glass, side window glass or rear window glass, each of these is made using a special technology. The purpose of these auto glasses is to provide you clear vision and keep you safe on the road.

Each of the automotive glasses in your car, SUV or truck is designed for your protection in the event of a road accident. So, do not think that these glasses just make your vehicle look nice. These are actually safety components, which need proper attention on a regular basis. If you find any problem with one of your tempered glasses, you should reach out to our auto glass company for high quality auto glass repair and auto glass windshield replacement.

A car has two types of auto glasses: laminated and tempered. Each of these functions to keep the driver and other occupants safe against external elements as well as accidental injuries.

For your own safety as well as those who travel with you, it is crucial that you maintain all the tempered glasses fitted in your vehicle in a proper manner. At SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho, we have an expertly trained team of glass technicians who will help with the repair or replacement of your broken windshield, rear window glass, side window glasses and back auto glasses.

How is Tempered Glass Made?

Ordinary glass is for ordinary use. But tempered glass is specially designed for those situations where human safety is a prime concern. If you compare a piece of tempered glass with a piece of ordinary glass, you will see for yourself that the former is much stronger. In fact, tempered glass is four times stronger than normal or ordinary glass. But how exactly tempered glass is made?

Tempering of glasses is an elaborate procedure that consists of multiple steps. First, the glass is cut as per the deSIRed size. Next, the engineer checks the entire glass for any kind of imperfections. If the glass has defects, it might break while being tempered. Next, the professional smoothens all the sharp edges of the glass. Then, it is time for the glass to be tempered. For the heat treatment, the glass is passed through a tempering oven. After the heating procedure is complete, the glass then undergoes a cooling procedure, known as quenching.

During quenching, the entire portion of the glass does not cool at the same time. The cooling happens in a way that the outer surfaces of the glass cool much faster than the center. As a result of this, the central portion of the glass stays in tension while the outer surface compresses. It is this tempering technique that makes the tempered glass a lot stronger than normal glass.

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How Tempered Car Glass Keeps You Safe

The rear and side window glasses in a car are made of tempered glass. It is a special type of safety glass. It is both safer and stronger than standard glass. The main goal of using this type of glass in cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks and vans is to avoid injuries when the glass breaks.

When normal or standard glass breaks, the broken pieces are sharp that can cause severe injuries. But tempered glass is different, as it breaks into small, blunt and harmless pieces. So, if you are on the road and one of the glasses in your vehicle’s side window or rear window breaks, the broken pieces will not harm you. Round and blunt glass pieces will not cause severe injuries. The car glass breaks in this way because of how it is manufactured through a process of tempering, which refers to first heating the glass in an oven and then cooling it.

The front windshield of a car or SUV is made from laminated glass whereas the other glasses such as the side window glass and rear window glass are made from tempered glass. If you spot any kind of damage on any of the automotive glasses of your vehicle, the first thing you should do is get in touch with our highly experienced and trained technicians at SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho.

Our auto glass company specializes in windshield repair and window glass replacement for all makes and models of cars and SUVs. If you cannot make it to a shop, we will come to your home or office and fix the chip or crack on your tempered glass in a proper and accurate manner.

Our Mobile Auto Glass Repair and replacement services are available at no extra cost in and near Boise, Idaho.

Timely repair or replacement of your broken tempered glass will help you stay compliant with the windshield laws in Idaho. Most of all, it will help you remain safe on the road during an accident or bad weather.

Why You Should Work with Our Glass Technicians

When you have a broken or damaged tempered glass, you should rely only on experts to get it fixed or replaced. Never fall for someone who claims to fix the problem at an incredibly cheap rate. Since it concerns your as well as your loved ones’ safety on the road, you should never take a risk.

At SIR Glass, we have an expertly trained team of technicians to fix and change the back window glass and side window glasses of your vehicle. Our professionals have a deep knowledge of how tempered glass works and how to fix the damages in a way that restores structural integrity. Whether it is an old car, luxury car, modern SUV or a truck, you can feel confident that our technicians will take care of your window glass problem in a fully satisfying manner.

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If you are in Boise, Idaho, you should contact one of our specialists at SIR Glass for your free consultation. Our technicians will examine your problem first and then suggest the most ideal tempered glass solution. If a repair is adequate, the technician will repair the chip or crack. Severe damages will need a complete removal of the broken auto glass and the installation of a new one.

Our mobile auto glass repair and mobile window replacement at no extra cost are designed for busy people who don’t have enough time to drive to an auto glass shop or find themselves stuck in a place.

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Our mobile auto glass repair and window glass replacement services are extremely reliable and competitively priced. We focus even on the smallest details and perform every task keeping in mind your safety on the road. While you are with us, you should feel confident that the job will be done with the highest level of accuracy. To consult with one of our specialists, you can give us a phone call or write us an email using the contact form on our website.