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Back Glass Replacement and Repair

It is extremely dangerous to drive a car or SUV while its back glass is damaged. There are multiple reasons that can lead to chips or cracks in the rear window glass of a car or SUV. The glass can sustain damage when debris falls on to it or a pebble comes flying on to it. Whatever may be the reason, it is your responsibility to get the problem fixed in a proper and swift manner. At SIR Glass, we have a highly skilled team of auto glass technicians who repair and install new auto glasses with the highest degree of precision in order to keep your life safe on the road.

No matter how small the damage, a broken rear window glass needs immediate fixing by a highly trained technician. If you neglect the chip or crack, you will only put your life as well as the lives of other occupants of the car in jeopardy. So, you should reach out to an auto glass company without wasting any time. The quicker the problem is fixed, the safer you will be on the road.

At SIR Glass, we specialize in the repair and installation of all kinds of auto glasses including the front windshield, rear windshield and other automotive glasses. Whether you have a small chip or a large crack, our technicians will thoroughly review the extent of damage and then recommend the best solution, so that the problem does not return and you can drive safely on the road. During a repair or replacement, we always stick to a well-defined procedure and follow all the essential steps in a proper manner while using the latest technology and tools.

A car is designed to maximize safety for the occupants while on the road. You may think that the car window glasses are fitted just to give a nice appearance. But the fact is that the auto glasses function as safety components, giving protection to those inside the vehicle in the event of a collision or rollover. The front and the rear window glasses offer protection during harsh weather as well.

While the car window glasses provide uninterrupted vision of the road, they also keep out different kinds of external elements. Therefore, it is crucial that you get a damaged back glass fixed right away.

Back Glass Replacement Takes Longer

Compared to other auto glasses, the rear glass of a car is designed in a different way. To melt the ice in winters, the back glass remains connected to a defrost grid. During the winters or a snowfall, as the ice gathers on to the glass, the defrost grid melts and ice and keeps the glass clean.

So, you should expect the glass technician to take a little longer than the time taken to install a front windshield.

When you have our technicians by your side, you can always feel confident that the replacement of your cracked or broken back glass will be carried out in a proper manner. At SIR Glass, two things that have helped us thrive are our commitment to deliver top quality service and the trust of our clients in our auto glass company. Our mobile auto glass replacement service is designed to change your broken glass right at your home or office.

Reasons Why a Car’s Back Glass Cracks or Breaks

No matter how hard you try to keep your automotive glasses safe, external elements are not under your control. So, the rear window glass of your car can sustain damage anytime and anywhere. Given below are key reasons why the back glass can chip, crack or break.

Flying Debris on the Road

Flying Debris on the Road

While driving on the road, you never know when a pebble or a piece of stone will come flying and hit your auto glass. Apart from this, the glass can also get damaged when parked at a construction site. While you do not have any control in the first case, you can definitely take care when it comes to parking your car. See to it that you park your vehicle in a safe area.

Vehicle Crashes and Collisions

Vehicle Crashes and Collisions

If you are involved in a car crash or collision on the road, the auto glasses of your car will possibly sustain damage. The extent of the damage will depend on how strong the impact was. But it is your responsibility to take proper care when driving on the road, particularly in areas where there is insufficient lighting. Always remain aware of where exactly you are driving.

Heavy Rains and Storms

Heavy Rains and Storms

The risk of windshield or back glass damage is high during harsh weather. Whether your car is parked in the open or you are on the road, the auto glasses can sustain damage in both the cases. Poor weather conditions also result in a large number of car accidents every year. You should avoid driving conditions such as heavy winds, snow, fog, rain, sleet etc. Bad weather conditions significantly reduce visibility and the chances of car accidents increase dramatically.

Low Quality Auto Glass Installation

One of the most common reasons for a windshield or a back glass to break is incorrect installation. If you get the job done by an amateur, the installation will not be proper and correct. As a result of low quality installation, your glass could sustain a crack or get damaged just anytime.

When you want your broken glass fixed, you should always rely on professionals who carry with them extensive experience. Whether it is about repairing a car window or replacing an automobile glass altogether, you should get it done by highly skilled and trained technicians such as those from SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho. Our mobile auto glass repair and replacement services are designed for busy working professionals. So, all you need to do is reach out to us and our technicians will reach your convenient location and perform high quality installation.

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Why You Should Never Drive With A Broken Car Back Glass

It is extremely dangerous to drive with a broken automotive glass. Whether it is the front windshield or the back glass, damage to any one of the auto glasses should be fixed as fast as possible. You will never want to put your life in jeopardy just because of a chipped or cracked glass, will you?

The back glass of your car or SUV performs a number of crucial functions. First, it provides you with a clear vision of your surroundings on the road. Second, it maintains the structural strength of the car along with the front windshield. Third, it safeguards the interiors of the vehicle. In addition to these, the back glass also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. So, no matter how small the chip or crack is, you should never ignore the damage. You should seek the expert help of technicians and get the problem in your glass fixed immediately.

Always Rely On Highly Skilled Technicians To Fix Your Broken Back Glass

Rear window glass repair and replacement must be performed only by highly skilled technicians. There are many unreliable and untrustworthy people operating in the auto glass industry, trying to attract customers by offering cheap rates. You should always remain aware of such elements.

Right from the quality of materials used and the equipment and tools to the expertise of the technicians, you need to make sure the back glass repair or auto glass change is carried out in a professional manner. You should never fall for a service just because the rate they offer is low. If you understand the high significance of an auto glass and how it plays a crucial role in giving you a clear line of vision and keeping you safe on the road, you should work only with highly experienced technicians. If you live in Boise, Idaho, you should reach out to SIR Glass and schedule a mobile glass repair or change performed by expertly trained technicians.

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Talk To An Expert Glass Technician

SIR Glass is an ideal destination where you can get your broken back glass fixed with the highest degree of precision. Once our mobile auto glass technicians reach your location, they will first conduct a thorough inspection of the damage in order to determine the right solution.
The technician will examine the size, depth and location of the damage. A proper assessment will often require debris cleanup and vacuuming of the location so that no glass pieces remain inside. Based on the review, the technician will decide what is the best route to take. If a repair would suffice, the back glass will be repaired in a skillful manner. In case the damage is severe, the technician will need to remove the damaged back glass and install a new one.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all new back glass installations. This means we will not disappear after the work is done. If you have any issues, our professionals will respond fast and resolve them effectively.

Our free mobile glass repair service aims at saving your precious time. If you are stuck in the office or lack enough time to take your vehicle to a glass shop, all you need to do is give us a quick phone call. Our company will dispatch technicians as per scheduled appointment so that your broken glass can be repaired or new installation can be done if the damage is beyond repair. Avail yourself of our same-day auto glass repair service for a quick turnaround so that you do not have to wait to get back on the road and important things do not get delayed.