It is not rare for auto glasses of a car or SUV to get cracks. But as soon as you see a chip or crack on your windshield, you should reach out to an auto glass company or hire mobile auto glass repair and car glass replacement services. You should never forget that fixing the damage on an automotive glass is the job of experts. So, you should rely only on those technicians who have specialization and experience in the repair and installation of broken auto glasses. Never let a chip or crack wait for the fix, as it can weaken the windshield and put your life at grave risk during a road accident, crash, rollover or collision with another vehicle.

If you live in Boise, Idaho, you should head over to SIR Glass for all kinds of car auto glass repair and auto glass replacement jobs. The company is one of the most trusted for its high quality and standards of service.

Aftercare Tips for Your New Car Glass

After your broken auto glass has been replaced with a new one, you need to give it proper care and attention – particularly during the first 48 hours. Provided you remain cautious during this crucial period, you will be able to get the best results out of your vehicle’s auto glass replacement.

It is important to understand that the windshield is not just about the aesthetic look of your car or SUV. The main role of the car window glass is to keep you and other occupants safe during an accident or major collision. Since the windshield is a safety component, you should make sure it is properly installed and given proper care for the best results post-replacement. Poor aftercare will take a toll on the auto glass and take away its original strength. As a result of this, the performance of the glass and your safety on the road will remain compromised.

Before You Drive Home

Auto glass technicians use Urethane adhesive for the installation of a new front or back windshield. Whether you get the windscreen replacement done at a shop or at your home or office, you should always remember to give the adhesive enough time so that it properly cures and becomes very hard.

Usually, you will need to wait at least for an hour before getting back on the road after a new auto glass installation. However, you should try to give the seal some more time to get more results out of replacement. Giving the adhesive a couple of hours will ensure the seal becomes extremely hard and watertight. The stronger the window seal is, the more performance the windshield will deliver. If you plan for your new auto glass to perform and look at its best, you should never forget to keep this in your mind after the installation has been done.

In any case, our windshield glass replacement expert will remind you of the significance of giving the seal enough time to cure.

Auto Glass Maintenance Tips for the First 48 Hours

Post-installation, the new automotive glass should be given adequate attention. The first couple of days after the replacement are important. Given below are some of the most useful maintenance tips for you to follow.

Limit Your Driving Immediately After

The urethane adhesive used during the installation requires sufficient time to cure and become hard. The curing duration varies based on various factors such as humidity, quality and temperature.

The general rule is to wait for at least one hour before getting back on the road. But it is best if you can wait for a few more hours. Even if you want to use the car, you should drive only when you really need to. If you can limit your driving and stay off bumpy and uneven roads for at least 24 hours, the adhesive will get adequate time to dry and become hard in a proper manner.

Do Not Slam the Car Doors

When you open and close the doors of your vehicle, it creates pressure inside. This change in pressure can affect the newly installed auto glass. Sudden change in pressure inside the car or SUV will take a toll on the adhesive while it is curing. Worse still, banging the doors can even puncture the seal altogether. Therefore, you should remember not to slam the doors.

You should be gentle with the doors for the first couple of days after the auto window replacement to get the best results.

Avoid Touching the Tape

The installation procedure involves the application of an adhesive tape around the margin of the windshield. Many car owners feel the temptation to remove this tape to restore the look of the glass.

However, you should avoid touching the tape or removing it. Instead, you should make sure the tape remains in its place for at least 24 hours post-replacement. The role of this adhesive tape is to prevent dust particles and debris from entering and getting stuck in the adhesive. Such particles, when they get stuck, will interfere and weaken the bonding of glass with the frame.

Therefore, it is best to leave the tape in its place for at least two days after the change of your windshield or auto glass.

Avoid Washing the Car

High-pressure car washes are a complete no-no for the first 48 hours after the car glass replacement, as it can shift the molding and ruin the seal. You should allow the seal to appropriately cure and dry.

If the adhesive has not yet cured properly, the impact created by the high-pressure jets will damage the seal. Worse still, the newly installed glass can even shift from its correct position. Use of harsh detergent during the wash can also damage the adhesive, leading to weaker windshield. So, you should never be in a hurry to clean the dust and dirt from your car. The best idea is to wait for at least 24 hours and go for a car wash only when the adhesive has fully cured.

For more tips in this regard, feel free to talk to one of our highly experienced auto glass technicians at SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho.

Keep the Area around the Dashboard Clear

While the adhesive needs time to cure, you should not put any objects against the new windshield. Any object that touches or puts pressure on the auto glass acts as a hindrance to the curing process.

Many car owners make the mistake of putting different types of objects against the new windshield. Whether it is the newly installed auto glass or the dashboard, you should keep these areas free from objects. Also, avoid using the sun shade and replacing the dash mat for 48 hours post-installation.

Leave a Car Window Open

After windshield replacement, you should not do anything that will create pressure inside the vehicle. If pressure builds inside, it will affect the quality of the seal while it needs more time to become properly dry. As a result of this, you may face leak issues with the windshield glass.

Therefore, make sure you leave at least one window slightly open for the first day after the installation of the car window glass.

Long-Term Auto Glass Maintenance

You should try to get more out of your windshield replacement not just for the short term, but also for the long haul.

There are multiple ways and tips that you can use to keep your newly replaced car window glass in good shape. Since the windshield keeps you safe and supports the roof of the car, you should make sure it remains strong and free from any kind of chips or cracks. The minute you spot a blemish on the glass, you should reach out to a highly skilled and experienced technician for consultation. If you live in Boise, Idaho, you should head over to SIR Glass. Our auto glass company serves car owners in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle and Caldwell.

Keep the window glass of your car free from dust and debris. Avoid parking your car or SUV in direct sunlight. Also, change your wiper blades in a timely manner to protect the automotive glass from damage.

If you have a broken auto glass, do not try to fix the damage on your own. Using DIY techniques can make a chip or crack even worse. It is always best to seek the expert help of an experienced technician. A professional will closely review the extent of glass damage and then recommend the most ideal solution to fix the problem and restore the structural strength of the auto glass.

Signs of an Incorrectly Installed Automotive Glass

For your windshield to perform at its best, the quality of the installation should be top-notch. There are many signs that can help you identify an incorrectly or poorly installed windshield glass.

If it is a correct and high-quality installation, there will be no visible gaps between the car window glass and the frame. You will not experience any leak issues either. But if you spot gaps between the glass or frame and have leak issues, it means the auto glass was not installed correctly. Other signs of an improper installation include a whooshing sound while driving and vision problems.

In case you experience any of these signs, you should immediately get in touch with the technician who installed the glass.

Talk to an Auto Glass Replacement Expert

If you still have a question or want to schedule an inspection for your broken auto glass, reach out to one of our experts at SIR Glass. Based in Boise, Idaho, we specialize in automotive glass repair and car glass replacement. Our mobile auto glass services enable you to get your broken auto glass replaced right at your home or office. Our technicians are one of the most competent and skilled you will find anywhere else. Most of all, we strongly believe in taking every auto glass job seriously and delivering the best results, so that you can be safe on the road.

For all windshield installations, we use top-quality urethane and premium quality materials and products while adhering to the highest safety standards in a strict manner. For your free consultation, you can call our phone number or write us an email using the contact form on our website.


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    I’m glad you talked about how you shouldn’t perform any actions that will increase pressure inside the car after replacing the windshield. My brother just got home from the auto glass repair shop after getting his windshield that has cracks fixed. I’ll keep in mind to tell him about your article so he can avoid any damages from happening again in the future, thanks to your article.

  2. Anna Collins October 21, 2022 at 3:40 am - Reply

    Thank you for informing us that it’s important to avoid washing the car, especially with high pressure, for the first 48 hours after the car glass replacement to avoid shifting the molding and ruining the seal while it’s still not cured and dried appropriately. I found a terrible crack on my windshield this morning, so I was planning on having it fixed before my road trip next weekend. I’ll be sure to take note of this well while I look for an auto glass repair shop to work on my windshield soon.

  3. Charlotte Fleet December 15, 2022 at 11:18 pm - Reply

    I like how you said that it’s best to hire a professional for auto glass damage because they can determine the best solution. My roommate has a large crack across her windshield that she’d like to resolve. I’ll recommend that she take her car to a collision center that can handle the broken glass and replace it properly.

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    I discovered a crack on my windshield this morning, and I assume it must have been caused by a stray rock thrown by the kids in our neighborhood. I’m thinking of getting the glass replaced, so I appreciate you warning us to stay off bumpy and uneven roads for at least 24 hours after the replacement to give the adhesive adequate time to dry and harden. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a glass company to hire for the auto glass installation soon.

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