If you are getting a retail store, bar, restaurant, private office or a commercial building designed, you will definitely need to install glasses in the doors, windows and other places of the establishment. When it comes to commercial glass, it comes in a variety of types, sizes and shapes. These glasses have a wide range of applications in terms of building architecture and technology. Some of the key benefits of commercial glass doors, commercial storefront doors and window glasses include visibility, strength, temperature resistance etc. If you plan to use commercial glasses, it is crucial that you stay informed of the different types of commercial glasses and their forms and fabrication. This will help you select the best and the most ideal glasses for installation in your buildings and business establishments.

At SIR Glass, we regularly answer many key questions for our clients. In this article, we will explain various commercial glass types to help clients make a well-informed decision when choosing glasses.

Commercial Glass Uses and Applications

Before you start discussing commercial glass types and forms, let us take a quick look at its uses and applications.

You might have seen a great deal of commercial glasses in high-rise buildings and business establishments. These glasses are not only used for doors and windows, but they have a broad range of applications in different settings. What type of glass you will use depends on what purpose you want to achieve. Commercial glasses come along with unique features and benefits.

Key applications of commercial glass include:

  • Displays and shelving
  • Modular walls
  • Dividers
  • Markerboards
  • Tabletops
  • Railings and lockers

Whether you talk about retail, hospitality, healthcare, corporate offices, hotels, academic institutions or gyms and fitness centers, commercial glasses are installed and used in all these places in significant amounts.

Commercial glasses are not just used for safety and visibility, but they are also used to highlight a particular section or area in a building, office or establishment. Thanks to the latest technology, these glasses can be custom-designed to suit the interior design needs of business owners. Use of glasses also takes the overall architecture of a building to the next level. Glasses with different kinds of attractive designs and patterns make a place or space come alive.

When it comes to choosing the best commercial glass, it is always a good idea to work with a commercial glass company. If you live in Boise, Idaho, SIR Glass is an ideal destination where you will get the expert help of professionals to choose and install high quality commercial glasses.

Types of Commercial Glass

The more you know about commercial glasses, the easier it will become for you to select the right type of glasses for your commercial interior glass project. Take a look at the various types of commercial glasses.

Insulated Glass

This type of glass is used in commercial buildings on a big scale. Just as the name suggests, insulated glass refers to those commercial glasses that come along with heat transfer reducing features.

These glasses are designed in a unique way using modern technology. The commercial glass consists of multiple layers. That is the reason these types of glasses are highly durable and strong. In fact, the key reason behind the installation of these products in huge amounts is its strength. Between the multiple layers of the glass remains the spacer that is filled with an inert gas. Usually, manufacturers use either argon gas or krypton gas in the spacer. As a result of the inert gas-filled spacer, the glass becomes energy-efficient. If you look for commercial glasses that will decrease heat transfer in a significant manner, this is the right product.

During summertime, insulated glass protects the building, office or the room from hot sun rays. It blocks the transfer of sun’s heat and keeps the space cool and comfortable. Likewise, these glasses prevent the indoor heat from transferring outside, thus offering comfort for people inside.

Transparent Glass

You must have seen this type of glass multiple times. Clear or transparent glasses are everywhere both in commercial and residential buildings. Apart from being the most common type of glass, this is also the most economical option for business owners on a strict budget. You can use these glasses for commercial storefront doors or home window glass replacement.

Being transparent means the glass provides a clear view of the objects on the other side. Light can easily pass through these windows. This is the standard or regular glass that you can use in homes and offices as per your specific needs. However, this type of glass is not made only for windows. If you want to use a glass through which customers can easily see what is inside or on the other side, you should definitely use transparent or clear glasses. Each type of glass has its own unique uses and applications. Being a commercial glass company, we often use these glasses for commercial window replacement in many retail stores.

Safety Glass

A lot of businesses use this type of glass for enhanced safety. Based on the kind of establishment you run, you may want to protect yourself from prying eyes and muggers. If you deal with potentially hazardous materials, you will need to use safety glasses for proper safety and protection.

Safety glass is so called because it comes along with extra safety features. First, it is designed in a manner that makes it less likely to break. Second, it does not pose serious injury risks if it is damaged or broken. Two key features of this product are general toughness and unique breaking properties. It is much stronger and tougher than the regular glass. One of the main roles of this product is to protect you against a wide range of external elements such as foreign objects or debris. Though the thickness of safety glass is similar to that of standard glass, the former is manufactured in a different way and has additional features.

In some areas, installation of safety glasses will be required by law. Before you start to install these products in your commercial buildings or other business and industrial settings, familiarize yourself with the codes.

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Low-Emissivity Glass

This type of commercial glass has a microscopically thin coating over it. This thin and transparent coating reflects short and long wave infrared energy or heat. Not all lights can pass through this coating. The only light that can pass through the coating is visible light. Visible light can pass through the Low-E glass in both directions. This unique product was designed to fulfill the specific needs of those who wanted a proper amount of natural light to enter their building or home but keep out infrared and UV light. Low-E glass is installed in both commercial and residential buildings in order to improve the thermal performance of windows.

Low-E glasses stop the indoor heat from escaping during winters and outside heat from entering indoors during summers.

Many businesses use low-emissivity glasses to bring down heating and cooling costs. If you run a furniture store, using these commercial glasses will help you reduce the glare and keep furniture protected. Likewise, these glasses are perfect for businesses that operate in areas with colder climates.

Frosted Glass

This commercial glass has unique light transmission features. Whether you plan to give your office or commercial establishment a unique look or want to increase privacy, frosted glass is the ideal option.

Frosted glass is designed in a way that changes its properties to transmit light. It is difficult to see through this type of glass. That is exactly why it is considered to be a good choice for increasing privacy of a space or place. Manufacturers use the sandblasting method to design frosted glass. Since it has a feature to diffuse light, it provides only obscured visibility. Technically speaking, this is transparent or clear glass that is converted into opaque glass by way of sandblasting or chemically etching the glass sheet. Compared to regular glass, frosted glass is much stronger and tougher. By using this type of glass in windows and doors, you will keep your loved ones protected from the eyes of outsiders.

If you are in search of frosted glass storefront doors, windows, walkways or partitions, reach out to one of our professionals at SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho. Our commercial glass company specializes in the installation of all kinds of commercial glasses as well as home window glass replacement.

Tinted Glass

This type of glass is made from regular glass by including coloring additives. Most tinted glass have shades such as gray, bronze, blue, green etc. These shades of tinted glass are effective at reducing the glare of the sun. If you operate a business where you need to prevent glare from coming indoors as well as want to have some privacy, using tinted glasses is a perfect idea.

The colors that are used to tint the glass tend to absorb solar heat. All shades of tinted glass do not equally absorb heat from the sun. How much solar heat will be actually absorbed depends on the tint shade you are using. As a result of this, these glasses make the inside of a room or office comfortable. Not only that, use of these commercial glasses also enhances the appearance of glass storefront doors, home window glass, fitness center windows and doors etc. Tinted or coated glass increases the privacy of the space or place where they are used. Most of all, these glasses prevent harmful UV rays from entering your office or home.

If you are in search of a commercial glass company that provides different types of tinted glasses for installation, commercial window replacement and residential window glass replacement, SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho is your ideal destination. Get in touch with one of our experts to know more.

Laminated Glass

These glasses consist of multiple layers, joined together with a plastic interlayer. A lot of buildings use laminated glasses all across the world. This is because laminated glasses are very strong and highly durable.

Some key features of laminated glass include durability, heat resistance, anti-shocking ability, anti-break-in capabilities, moisture resistance etc. If your office or business establishment is located in an area with harsh weather conditions, using this type of commercial glass is a perfect idea. Laminated glasses are often installed in hurricane resistant windows. Use of these glasses reduces the chances of dangerous accidents to a great extent. For the same reason, these glasses are also used in the front windshield of a car or SUV. These glasses are commonly used in the construction of glass facades, glass railings, glass floors, skylights etc.

Tempered Glass

These glasses fall in the safety glass category. Tempered glasses are designed in a way to tolerate high temperature fluctuations. Compared to regular or plain glass, this glass is 4 times stronger. The main purpose of using tempered glass is to enhance safety during accidents.

One key feature of tempered glass is the way it breaks. Tempered glass doesn’t break easily. Even when it breaks, it breaks into hundreds of tiny blunt glass pieces that eliminate the risk of fatal glass-related injuries. These glasses have a wide range of applications such as passenger vehicle windows, glass doors, shower glass, bullet proof glass etc. Since this is a type of safety glass as well as shatter-resistant, it is also used as car windshield glasses.

Annealed Glass

It is a heat-treated glass, which is known for its distortion-free visibility, strength and durability. If you are in search of a glass that you can custom-design as per your specific needs, using annealed glass can be a good idea. One of the most common uses of this glass is in building showcases, both for homes and commercial properties. Annealed glass is often used in bulletproof windows and car windscreens. These glasses provide absolute clarity of vision and great luster.

Looking for a Commercial Glass Company?

If you are in search of the right type and quality of commercial glass for your storefront, bar, restaurant, fitness center, hotel, hospital or building, head over to SIR Glass in Boise, Idaho. Experts in our company will match your architectural design projects with the most ideal glass options. Most of all, we will keep you up-to-date with the latest trends in the commercial glass design industry. We specialize in the installation of different types of commercial glasses as well as window glass repair and replacement. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you.

For your free consultation, you can call our office phone number or write to us at the email given on our website.

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