Camel’s Back Park

Camels Back Park is located on the north end of Boise with beautiful views and trails. This park offers a variety of backgrounds for engagement photos.

Its quick change in elevation creates depth and the foothills provide options for natural backgrounds with tall grasses and sagebrush. Read on to find out more.

This park is also within walking distance of Hyde Park, making it easy to grab a cup of coffee or dollar tacos mid-session!


Camel’s Back Park is an 11-acre city park located in the North End of Boise, Idaho. The park is named for the large hill that resembles a camel’s back and has several trails that lead to Hulls Gulch Reserve and the foothills of Boise. The park also includes a playground, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, a reservable picnic area, and a body-weight outdoor gym.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset and has restrooms available for visitors. The tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and outdoor gym are all free for anyone to use.

The park is dog-friendly, but dogs must be on leash. It is a popular place for mountain bikers and hikers, but it is important to follow trail etiquette to avoid damaging the park and respect other users’ experiences. The park is also a great place to spend time with friends and family.


A playground, picnic areas, and tennis courts are just some of the features offered by this 11-acre park located on Heron Street. This popular park also hosts the Hyde Park Street Fair in September. It is a great location to meet up with friends and family members or just have a picnic in the open air.

It is a good idea to bring water for yourself and your pets. This is a dog-friendly park but they should be on leash. Hikers and runners can enjoy the Camels Back Park trail which is a looping trail going around the top of the ridgeback.

There is also access to Hulls Gulch Reserve and the foothills of this park. Tennis players can find two sand courts and there are practice fields for soccer and rugby available. There is a great coffee shop within walking distance for post-hike refreshments. This is a very busy park so be prepared to share the trails with other users and heed trail etiquette. More places to also visit by clicking here.


Whether you want to take a quick walk around the park or go for a more serious hike there is plenty to choose from at Camel’s Back. One of the more popular trails is the Table Rock trail which takes about an hour to complete and offers rewarding views throughout.

Another great option is the Upper Hulls Gulch Trail which runs alongside a little stream and has multiple bridge crossings. This trail is a bit more difficult and you will have to climb the stone stairway at one point, but it is not too hard for most people.

Camel’s Back Park is open from sunrise to sunset and it is common to see runners, bikers, and hikers here throughout the day. You can also bring your dogs here as long as they are on a leash. Just make sure to clean up after them. You can find additional hiking trails within a few hours’ drive of Boise here.


Camels Back Park is a great place to take a stroll, go for a run, or spend some time hiking. The views are spectacular from the massive hill that gives this park its name and there is a ton of trails for you to explore. It is also dog-friendly, although you will have to keep them on a leash if they want to hike the stone stairway at the top of the hill.

The park is located on 13th Street in the Boise Northend neighborhood. There are many restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of the park, making it a convenient location for locals and tourists alike.

It is also a popular spot for weddings! If you’re looking for a charming venue to host your big day, Camel’s Back Park is the perfect option. The park offers beautiful scenery, a playground, and plenty of space for your friends and family to celebrate. The location is also conveniently close to the downtown area, so you can easily head home after your ceremony for a night out on the town! Click here for the next blog post.


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