Ann Morrison Park

The city of Boise recently finished construction on a new fountain at Ann Morrison Park. The fountain will shoot water high into the air and offer some relief from sweltering Boise summers.

The large urban park is home to tennis courts, volleyball and soccer fields, a playground, and even bocce and frisbee golf. It’s also the terminus for those rafting the Boise River and hosts a number of community celebrations. A fantastic article to read.

It’s a Boise Staple

A Boise staple, Ann Morrison Park is a place where locals go for all things fun outdoors. The 153-acre urban park is a hub for sports activities, nature-inspired walks, and community events.

Spend the afternoon teeing off on the 18 holes of the disc golf course, or challenge friends to a game of tennis or volleyball. The park is also home to an outdoor gym and a sports court where you can play basketball, soccer, and bocce.

Floating the Boise River is the quintessential summer experience. Rent a tube or raft at Barber Park and float down to Ann Morrison, where a shuttle will bring you back.

The Basque Museum & Cultural Center is a great place to learn more about Idaho’s 16,000-strong Basque immigrant community. The museum features interactive exhibits and storytelling experiences. Afterward, wander the Grove Street neighborhood to sample the city’s vibrant Basque culture.

It’s a Great Place for Families

The 153-acre park named after Ann Morrison by her husband Harry is a Boise staple for sports and outdoor activities. The large urban park is situated along the river and dotted with plenty of greenery. The park has pathways for biking and jogging, a disc golf course, a bocce ball court, an outdoor gym, sand volleyball courts, soccer fields, and cricket fields.

The new fountain at the center of the park is a great place for kids and adults to splash around. Its 69 active jets arch, spray, and splash visitors with a programmed sequence that can be changed with the touch of a button.

During the day, you can visit JUMP, the non-profit creative center and community meeting spot that’s a showstopping public space with audio and video studios, a dance studio, and maker labs that include tools like 3D printers. It’s a great way to get your artsy side on display during your Boise trip! Here is another spot to visit.

It’s a Great Place for Sports

As a large park with many different activities, there are plenty of options to play sports at Ann Morrison Park. The 153-acre park is home to a disc golf course, bocce ball courts, a cricket field, tennis courts, and more.

A popular activity for locals and travelers alike is to bring a frisbee and enjoy the outdoors while playing the sport of ultimate. The non-contact game requires a team of six or more players to advance the disc upfield by throwing it and catching it before defending their end zones. The game is usually played in a round-robin format and in a single-elimination manner.

The park also has a dog off-leash area named Treasure Valley Dog Island that is open from 6:00 am – 9:00 pm. The park has 5.4 acres of open space for dogs to run, swim and play with their owners. It is a great place to exercise your pet and enjoy the scenery of Boise.

It’s a Great Place for Socializing

In a city that calls itself the City of Trees, there is no better place to spend an arboreal afternoon than Ann Morrison Park. The 153-acre urban refuge along the Boise River is home to soccer, cricket, and football fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, a disc golf course, horseshoe pits, an outdoor gym, and a dog park.

The 5.4-acre Together Treasure Valley Dog Island is open year-round to dogs off-leash and features a fenced area for shy canines. The rest of the park is open to dogs on leash.

After a long stretch of excited anticipation, the new state-of-the-art fountain at Ann Morrison Park is finally set to open on Wednesday. The impressive design replaces the 1996 fountain that has been beloved by families for years.

Be sure to stop by the pollinator garden! These gardens attract bees, butterflies, and other animals that transfer pollen from flower to flower allowing plants to make seeds. Without these important creatures, many foods that we eat would not be available. Next blog post.


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